Mailo Power often hosts exhibitions of her work in the Athenaeum House Hotel. Next upcoming exhibition is taking place in March in the Zak's Restaurant.

Spring in Mount Congreve Gardens

Colour and observation play an integral part of artist Mailo Power's expression. Having originally studied Zoology in UCC after leaving school, in many ways her latest body of work can be seen as going back to her roots. Drawing inspiration from hours spent walking in Mount Congreve Gardens, there is a sense of new life through out the work, a true window into the restorative relationship between nature and life. Canvases are full of emotion evocative of a passionate spirit, semi abstract flowers reflecting Mailo's experience of Spring in Mount Congreve Gardens.

Whether viewed briefly as the blooms of Spring or studied for long intervals, viewers are sure to delight in their inescapable inclusion in the process and can rely on the experience to invigorate following even the most fleeting of moments.


Born London 1960

2004 N.Dip Art & Technology Waterford Institute of Technology

2005 BA (Honours) Art & Society Waterford Institute of Technology

2007 M.A. Fine Art University of Gloucestershire

2014 Garter Lane Studio Artist

2015 Garter Lane Studio Artist

Lives and works in Waterford


2005 Student of the Year Waterford Institute of Technology

Exhibitions (selection)

2004 Waterford Fringe Festival (solo)

2005 Waterford Institute of Technology Degree Show (group)

2006 Source Waterford Healing Arts Trust, S.E.R.H. (solo)

2007 University of Gloucestershire MA Show, Cheltenham (group)

2008 Identity Open Submission Exhibition Greyfriars Municipal Gallery, Waterford (group)

2009 Theatre of the Everyday, Imagine Art Festival (solo)

2009 Art Fair RDS (group)

2010 Take 5 (group)

2010 W.I.T. 40th Anniversary Celebration Art Collection (group)

2011 Moments, Imagine Art Festival (group)

2012 Harvest, Waterford Healing Arts, Imagine Art Festival (group)

2014 From the Studios, FOH Space, Garter Lane Arts Centre (group)

2014 6x6x2014 Rochester Contemporary Art Centre, New York (group)

2014 Pop Up Art, St Olaf’s, Imagine Arts Festival, Waterford (group)

2015 Out of the Studios, Garter Lane Arts Centre, Waterford (group)

Mailo Power M.A
Rocklands House



M: +353 87 2599 251

E: [email protected]